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Many Android devices are now equipped with software to offer tethered Internet access. However, there are still some phone models that do not allow this.  FoxFi is a network application that allows users to use their phones as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It supports basically any device, from tablets and laptops to video game consoles. Unlike other tethering software, this program does not need rooting. It has a free version. However, it comes with a usage limit.

What is FoxFi?

FoxFi enables Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth hotspot on your Android phone. It is easy to install and does not require setting up. Once installed, you only need to launch it, and you can connect your WiFi-enabled devices. As noted, it supports most devices, from all tablet brands to consoles, such as Wii and Xbox. It even allows multiple connections. Moreover, it comes with a Bluetooth mode, allowing you to use your device as a modem on a wireless network.

Using FoxFi is as safe as using any internet connection with a modem. It uses WPA2 password security. With this, a device cannot connect without typing in the correct password you set. It also has a customizable network name as added protection. As mentioned earlier, it does not require rooting, unlike most Wi-Fi tether applications available in the mobile app market today.

FoxFi has a clean and readable user interface with one-touch activation. It is also stable and fast and uses only a little of your resources. However, it does drain your battery a little faster. Additionally, the app is now part of the PdaNet+ app, and the free version comes with a usage limit. It shutdown after usage limit and will require you to restart to use it again. If you are looking for free alternatives that won't interrupt your tethering, EasyTether is one of your best options. 

Is FoxFi good?

FoxFi is a must-have for anyone who may need internet access in areas where Wi-Fi is limited or unavailable. The app is easy to use and only requires one touch to activate. Moreover, it does not require rooting and even provides security features to keep your connection private. It also supports almost any kind of device. It does come with a couple of drawbacks, but, all in all, it is still a good application to have. 


  • One-touch activation
  • Does not require rooting
  • WPA2 password security
  • Supports any kind of devices


  • Free version comes with a usage limit
  • Drains battery fast
  • Blocked by some cellular providers
  • Limited compatible phone models

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